Forklift – TLILIC2001A

Training and Assessment for a Forklift Licence


ABC’s formal and informal forklift licence training and assessment is done onsite at our  Brisbane training yard with a fully qualified Trainer/assessor. We are a RTO (Registered Training Organisation) which allows us to train and assess for this type of course.

  • Formal training
  • Theory and practical components
  • All training materials provided
  • A training plan with practice tasks, and logbook in which to log your hours
  • The option of both onsite and offsite practice
  • A theory exam to determine competence
  • A Statement of Attainment certificate upon completion

The course provides competency-based training, and takes you from theory and practical exercises right through to your assessment. Once our trainer/assessor has deemed you fully competent, we will provide you with your statement of attainment and other relevant documentation. This is to be lodged at Australia Post in order to obtain your forklift ticket in Brisbane.

Formal Training

Our formal forklift licence training goes over a period and covers all aspects of the forklift – including legislation requirements, and practical demonstrations.

At the completion of your forklift course, you will be required to undertake a theory exam to be deemed competent. Once you have completed your formal training, you will also be issued with a Training Plan and logbook, in which hours and the tasks from the Training Plan need to be entered. You can either do this practice on our site using our machines, or at your work site.


After you have logged your hours and practiced the tasks in the Training Plan, we will assess you. Please note that, due to new legislation, the assessment day must take place a minimum of 3 business days after the start of the course. Once you have been assessed, you will receive your Statement of Attainment and be deemed competent. You will easily be able to use your forklift ticket throughout Australia.

Forklifts used in our forklift course are minimum 2 litres, as per Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines.


Information on fees is available by giving our friendly staff a call on (07) 3263 6457. Group discounts and multiple machine discounts are available.

How to Enrol

For more information or to book forklift lessons in Brisbane, please call (07) 3263 6457; or call (07) 5575 1144 for the Gold Coast. Our lesson process is simple and effective, and it’s anything but difficult to enrol in our courses. Talk to our team and we’ll discuss the best way to get your certification right away.